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Here at US Asian Matrimony, we take your privacy seriously. Some of the information that you provide us will be used to better your experience on the website. Other information will be kept private, even from us at Buddhist Post.


We will not do the following:

  • Openly share your data to third parties
  • Use any tracking software for any purpose
  • Engage in cross-marketing or link-referral programs
  • Send unsolicited message for any purpose


We will do the following to improve our services:

  • Keep track of contact information posted onto the website
  • Collect data in the form of cookies and third-party software
  • Release certain information to law enforcement
  • Keep track of demographical data for statistical purposes


We reserve the right to disclose any information that you submit to us if we suspect or have reason to suspect, that the information involves a party who may be the victim of abuse in any form. We may disclose information to the authorities that we deem appropriate to handle such disclosure. You will acknowledge and agree that we are permitted to make such disclosure, if need be. This will override any of the provisions of our terms and conditions and privacy policy. Since we are a growing business, the privacy policy will be subject to change. If you have any problems with our privacy policy, please contact us at or at out contact page.

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Johnatan Smith

"Having partnered and invested along side HMInv for more than 14 years now has given me the ability to invest in projects I never could have done along". John Mills

Johnatan Smith

"Partnering with Hudson Morgan Investments, LLC. gave my company the credibility needed to meet and secure contracts with companies I would have never be able to without them".  Rich Boney CEO Members Air

Johnatan Smith

"workign just weeks with a HMInv advisor turned our company from a 1 bay repair shop to 5 bays with long term customers.." Denise World Auto

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